Our Story
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Our Story

Our story begins with our grandma. It was her artisan recipes of delicious “dried fruit energy bombs” that shaped our food philosophy. And it was her stories about our connection to nature that inspired our life choices. Years later, these stories and recipes established our business vision: Healthy snacks that connect us with our nature and our past.

That’s why we are fully committed to our “Healthy Snack in Your Bag” concept. We have never stopped asking ourselves: “How can we further our grandma’s legacy?” To do that, we have aimed to create awareness for dried fruit based, all-natural healthy snacks. A good example of this is our very own KURME brand: Healthy, non-GMO, vegan, raw, high-fiber snacks that are made from only the highest quality fruits, nuts and seeds with no added sugar or preservatives.

Through ongoing research and development, innovative packaging solutions and high quality standards, our goal is to introduce the entire world to our healthy snacks concept. With health being our utmost priority, we continuously strive to help change peoples’ snacking habits from sugary generic products to delicious healthy alternatives. While we work towards convenient solutions that are inspired by market needs and powered by the latest technologies, we are also continuously expanding our global reach.

DKG Food has become the first choice of prestigious market leaders in 19 countries by achieving cost effective, fast and permanent solutions. Since our establishment in 1985, our products have been sold by world renowned major retailers with no rejections. Our dedication to safety and quality standards is only matched by our commitment to fair trade and sustainability. Therefore, we ensure that all KURME products are ethically produced and fully comply with BRC (A Grade) food safety standards. Please visit us at kurmesnacks.com for further inquiries and more information.